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— What the hell is that? - All high-society gloss immediately flew off Alekseev. - What kind of shelling?

- Well, when you saw that your childish trick with a grenade failed, you decided to take a chance and lost again.

"I'm not capable of such nonsense," Alekseev said slowly. You didn't understand half of what happened

He took two deep drags and continued:

“The only mistake I made was that I took an asshole as my accomplice. When I spun with Ninka, I decided to take control of her Natasha as well and slipped Leshka Afonin to her. I already had her fucking casino together with Ninka, Natasha would not have gone anywhere, I would have let Popov around the world - there are no competitors, why not life? But I clicked, a fool, I did not immediately understand this moron. And then you hit him over the head in that apartment.



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